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Good News!

Riverwood Elementary received 1st money for Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization that brings the real world to students through hands-on curriculum delivered by a trained classroom volunteer.

Riverwood has been awarded a Blended Learning Grant! The grant will provide every Riverwood student with a tablet or laptop device to use both at home and at school. We are so excited that we were selected to pilot this innovative approach to learning. More details to come!

Riverwood’s sign project received 2nd Place in the Memphis City Beautiful Contest.

Riverwood has been selected for the Aetna teaching garden grant. The grant will provide our students with a vegetable and herb garden.

Help Support St. Jude!

Teachers Dana Ellington and Cristin White are participating in the St. Jude half marathon to support Abby Grommet. She is a student at Riverwood and also a St. Jude patient. As St. Jude Heroes, they have a team goal to raise money for Abby and the kids of St. Jude.

Will you help them support St. Jude by donating today?

How your donation helps:

* Thanks to donors like you, no family ever pays St. Jude for anything, including lodging, food  and travel.
* St. Jude will continue to improve treatment of childhood cancer and other deadly diseases through its groundbreaking research.
* For every child treated here, thousands more have been saved worldwide through St. Jude discoveries.

You raised $499 by clicking!

TargetAd3Way to to Riverwood! You raised $499 for our school by clicking and sharing the Give Target link!  Let’s remember this program for next year, as we should easily be able to double it by getting the word out to the school early.

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(OK, maybe three clicks when you click the link, click the app approval, and click the vote button.)

Target’s “Give with Target” campaign is going on now. This is a facebook fundraiser that basically gives Riverwood $1 for every vote. We get the funds no matter what “place” we come in. You can vote once in a certain period (I believe it’s 7 days).  Vote now, and if you are so inclined, post to your facebook wall to ask your friends to vote for our school. We should easily be able to get to $1000 with the number of parents and their friends with a few votes each!


When you click to vote, you will need to accept the “Give with Target” facebook app. It will ask if you want it to post on your behalf, and you can “skip” that option to move on and vote.

That’s it!

Notes from 8/13 & 8/15 Parent Orientation


If you weren’t aware, we are not doing memberships and dues this year. As parents and teachers, you are “All In”! Meeting with Principal White, we wanted more focus on volunteering and not who was “in” or “out”.

Please give us an hour or two this year, and if you can give more, please do. We are entering your volunteer forms and will be emailing you depending on which things you selected.

We are gladly taking donations, we have some donation packages, and we do anticipate doing a fundraiser in October/November and possibly a carnival in the Spring.

We are also attempting a uniform exchange this year. If you have gently used items from last year, or during this year, please donate them to the school. We will have a few times where you can come in and shop for your sizes, and we’ll also donate to the school’s clothes closet.

You can purchase apparel items and donate online now at Items will be delivered to your child’s classroom within two days.

Finally, if you are interested in a board or leadership position, or heading up volunteer groups, we will be having a meeting Thursday, the 22st at from 6 pm to 7 pm here at the school. If you cannot make it, but are interested, please email Jim at

Join us on facebook or twitter to keep up to date with Riverwood goings on.

Car Line

Briefly, if you drop your child off or pick them up, please get one of these sheets and follow the directions on it.

The line to drop off starts at 7:30, when the doors open. There is virtually no wait from 7:30 to 7:45.

“Late after 8!” They must be in the building, not “in the line by 8” If you pull up at 8:00 and 1 second, you will need to park in a space and sign your child in at the front office.  Please do not park in the fire lane, or you may be ticketed.

Harding Academy on Macon starts at 8 and ends at 3. Consider using the Dexter entrance to avoid the Macon intersection bottleneck. All cars must enter via the Riverwood Farms Parkway entrance unless you have a tag showing permission from the office. The bus entrance is for buses, faculty and SPED students.

Please get in line like everyone else. Trying to drive past a line to break in only creates issues.  If an officer is present, it might create more.

If you are dropping off for Eagles Nest, please do not use the fire lane. 1) it is a fire lane. 2) It then pins you in and confuses people as to where they should be pulling up.

Please pull ALL THE WAY UP to the car in front of you. If you are the front car, pull ALL THE WAY UP to the front of the line.

Have your children ready to exit before you make the turn into the lane. There is no time to wait for your child to gather their belongings and say goodbyes while cars are waiting behind you.

Finally – please carpool if you can!

We have to work as a team to get everyone in the building on time. Go Eagles.

Parent Orientations This Week

Parent Orientation

Parents of Students in the Optional Program: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

General Program: Thursday, August 15, 2013

6:00 PM *– 7:00 PM

All parents will meet in the Gym for a general session and then move to individual classrooms.

Friendly Reminder

So you can give the teacher your full attention, it would be best to make other arrangements for your children, if possible. This will provide teachers with enough time to review procedures, expectations, curriculum, and to answer questions. We will plan additional Open Houses to allow students to introduce you to the work they do in their classrooms.

* Bus Meeting – 5:30 PM 

All parents of students who ride the bus are required to attend this meeting if they have not already done so.


Apparel will be available for sale PRIOR to the meetings. Once the 6 pm orientation begins, the bookstore will close down.  We are also selling $10 Incredible Pizza Cards that benefit the school. IP will send back $5 for each card sold!

Upcoming Board – Can You Serve?

We are starting to work on filling board positions for next year.  A nominating committee is being formed to slate the executive board. The slated board will be voted on at a general meeting on 5/3.

The new executive board will then appoint the chair positions. A flyer will be going out to all parents very soon asking for volunteers. If you are interested in holding any position on the board next year, please contact Tabitha at ASAP to let her know.

If you know of other parents you think would be good additions to the board for next year, encourage them to get in contact with Tabitha. As you know we really need more help.