Apparel/Uniforms (1)

What are the rules for uniforms?

Here is the information from the Riverwood homepage:

Riverwood Elementary Uniform Policy

Students must wear uniforms daily unless you are notified in writing by the school. Students will wear clothes to school that are comfortable and appropriate for the school environment. Shorts may be worn in hot weather but the principal and teacher reserve the right to disapprove dress that attracts too much attention or is not appropriate. Shorts, skirts and jumpers must be knee-length.
Parents will be called to bring a change of clothing when dress is considered inappropriate.
Shirt colors are navy, white, and hunter green (green shirts have the Riverwood logo and are purchased from the school bookstore). Pant colors are khaki and navy. Socks and tights should be white or navy. Jackets and sweaters worn during the school day inside the building should be uniform colors. Students are not allowed to wear hats/caps in the building. The administrative rules and regulations state that shoes with rollers/wheels are prohibited. For more information about the uniform policy check your Riverwood Handbook or contact the office.

Here is the general, “from a parent” version:

Tops – Monday through Friday: They can wear any white polo or navy polo purchased from a store like Walmart, Target, or Old Navy, or the official logo green polo purchased from the PTO/bookstore.

Friday: They can also wear their blue (or green if they purchased one two years ago) tie dye “Spirit Tee” purchased from the PTO/bookstore.

Bottoms – Khaki or Navy shorts, pants, dresses or skirts of appropriate length. Khaki is best, as it doesn’t show the dust and dirt from outside play as much.

Shoes – Regular shoes are fine, but make sure they are wearing athletic-type shoes on their P.E. days (differs by classroom). No “roller” shoes are allowed.

Socks/Tights – White or navy only.

Volunteering (1)

What are some opportunities for volunteering in the school?

There are many opportunities to help out during the school day.

Library helper – help put books in their places or guide students in reading.

Classroom helper – sometimes a set of students may need more help with reading, math, or other subjects. Please volunteer in any capacity you feel comfortable.

Cafeteria helper – help make sure students are eating their lunches and assist when one may have forgotten utensils, etc. as they are not allowed to get up once they are seated.

Office helper – help file information into teacher’s boxes, etc.

Car Rider Line helper (morning) – help get students safely from their cars and into the school while directing cars to move forward efficiently.

The PTO is always looking for volunteers to assist with the many events and activities planned for the 2017-2018 school year.


General School Info (3)

When does school begin and end?

Doors open at 7:45 am

Classes begin at 8:15 a.m. and end at 3:15 p.m.


What is the school address and phone number?

1330 Stern Lane
Cordova, TN 38016
Phone 901.416.2310
Fax 901.416.2325

When can I drop off and pick up my child as a car rider?

Drop off:

You can arrive and wait in line at any time, but the students may not exit the car until 7:45 when the teachers and volunteers open the school doors and start directing the line. Students must be dropped off by 8:15 or you must park and sign the student in inside the lobby area or the office.

Pick up:

You can arrive for pickup at any time. The line generally starts forming an hour before the end of school. Students must be picked up by (waiting for this year’s time) or they will be assigned to Eagle’s Nest and you will be charged for the aftercare service.

Food/Meals (3)

What will be served for meals each day?

There is a menu calendar posted at http://www.scsk12.org/lunch/.



Are we a peanut-free school?

No, we are not. Students may bring peanut products to school. Classrooms with students who have severe allergies may have additional restrictions, and those students will be informed if necessary.

There is a separate table set aside for any students with a food allergy. Please be certain to inform the office and your teacher of any food allergies.

Are meals provided?

All students in Shelby County Schools are provided free breakfast, lunch, and if they are in aftercare, snack and dinner.  Students may still bring their lunch. Please note, if you want to attend lunch with your student, you cannot purchase a meal at the school. It must be paid for through the MyPaymentsPlus.com system or you may bring a lunch.