STOP Hunger Now Fundraising Page and Packaging Event

Riverwood is an “Optional School within a Traditional School”, and our Optional program focus is Community Service and Environmental Science.

Our 2015 Community Service Project is STOP Hunger Now, which provides the materials to package meals for delivery around the world.


This is a two-part project.

Part One – involves raising the $5,800 needed to provide the bulk food and supplies. DONATE!

Help us meet our $$ goal – DONATE HERE!

April 24th – Jeans Day!

On Friday, April 24th, students can wear jeans with a minimum $2 donation.  While $2 is the minimum, we are asking families to consider donating more if you are able. We are requesting $5, $10, or $20 donations to make it easy on our teachers to collect the funds. If you want to donate directly on the fundraising page, please print out your receipt and have your child show that on the 24th.

We raised over $1423!  We are still sorting the coins. 😉

Part Two – is the fun part – actually packaging the food for delivery!

May 9 – Stop Hunger Now Packaging Event

We need about 75 to 100 volunteers. Bring family! There are tasks for all ages. We need people to dump big bags of rice and grains into bins, people to scoop servings from the bins into the serving bags, people to drop vitamin and spice packets into the bags, kids to take those bags to the next station, people to weigh the bags and top them off, people to heat seal the bags, more kids to take those bags to the packaging station, people to box up the bags and stack the boxes, and someone to ring the gong each time we reach a milestone! Some can stand, some can sit, and some can walk.

We need a few strong bodies from 10:30 to noon to unload the truck and set up, and then everyone else from noon to 2 pm to do the packaging. It’s assembly-line style and fast paced!

Sign up at to avoid the registration line!

What does this day look like? Take a look!